Chin One of Myanmar Major tribes

Chin State


It is located in the western part of Myanmar, accessible by road from Bagan, one of the most famous ecotourism sites in Myanmar, It has been recently growing in popularity. It becomes famous for its Mt. Victoria at an elevation of 3108 m and distinctive nature of Chin ethnic groups. Hakha is the capital of Chin State and the gate way to the famous Naga Land. It stands on the Chin mountain range. A visit to Chin region ia an opportunities to observe their strange traditional custom and chin women with tattoos on their faces and also to watch the rare bird species which cannot be found in anywhere else in the world. Kanpalat and Mindut are popular destinations in the southern part of chin state visited by tourists for its picturesque beautiful scenery and fine weather. Hunting is still practice and one can see various head bones of animals proudly hanged at walls of their houses. Their primitive weapon is the bow and arrow. In chin this weapon is universal, being used both in fighting and hunting such larger animals.



Kanpalat is a small town located in beautiful mountain setting at an altitude of over 4000 feet above the sea level, 120 mile west of Bagan. It is main gate way to the famous Mt. Victoria, the highest mountain in Chin State. It is small but there are many interesting villages with Chin women with tattoos on their faces near the town. It is an ideal spot for overnight stops before making a trekking trip to Mt. Victoria. A two hour drive from Kanpalat is 10-Mile base camp, a starting point for 3 hour trekking excursion to the summit.



It is one of the British administrative towns during British time and also the second largest town in Chin State. It is situated on the mountain range at an altitude of 5000 ft. Most Chin villages located on the hill sides and in the valleys of the Chin mountain ranges. Most visitors visit houses of the Chin tattooed faces women, by making trekking trip to their villages around Mindut. Most of them keep their traditional customs and still wear their traditional costume. Hill tribes’ people are animist and Shamans are highly respected in their community. They always celebrate the Nat (Spirits) festival once a year. Chin New Year Festival is in February and is the biggest festival. Most of the different Chin tribes come and meet on their New Year festival. It is a good opportunity to see all these different Chin tribes during the festival in one sitting.


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